Mission for Disabled Children in Haiti (MAEDH)

Richelet Cadet (co-ordinator) lived in an orphanage as a disabled child. After receiving post secondary education his dream was to help the disabled children. In Haiti there is no place for these children and some families just allow them to die as they have no money, and the government has not provided any resources or help. Richelet created MAEDH in 2018, which is now recognized by the Haitian government. They currently have 11 boys and youth.

You can assist MAEDH to provide the physical and mentally disabled children with:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Education- Special needs school
  • Salary for housekeeper, cook and personal assistant
  • Life skills training

Ms. Newby asked COHH specifically to work with MAEDH to assist with food, schooling and other needs for the children and youth as she knows the good work that is making a difference in their lives.

New well for clean drinking water